Frequently Asked Questions

Who Must Be Licensed?

Any person who works in the onsite wastewater industry as a pumper, installer, portable restroom operator or manufacturer of septic tanks needs to be licensed. If you work for a company that does this type of work, only one person who is in responsible charge of the company must be licensed.

What Type of Licenses Are Available?

Basic Level Installer – This license is for the installation, servicing, replacing lids, repairing or maintenance of a conventional onsite wastewater system and shallow placement onsite wastewater systems, with design flows of up to 1800 GPD. The Alabama Department of Public Health shall define these systems. These systems may include a pump that lifts the effluent to the disposal field. These pumps must be basic on-demand pumps with no control panels;

Advanced Level I Installer – This license is to allow all work done under the Basic Level License and for the installation, servicing, repairing or maintenance of systems up to 1800 GPD and/or mound systems, simplex pumps with time dosing requirements, on-demand duplex pumps including single family systems with secondary treatment.

Advanced Level II Installer License – This license is to allow for all work done under the Basic and Advanced Level I Installers License and for the installation, servicing, replacing lids, repairing, or maintaining all systems 1801 GPD and above, including, multiple pump systems with timed dosing requirements and other advanced technology systems;

Pumper License - A pumper’s License is issued for those pumping, servicing, replacing lids, repairing, replacing or maintaining the component parts of a septic tank, sewage tanks and grease traps;

Portable Restroom Operator License – This license is issued for those involved in installing, transporting, pumping, servicing, repairing, maintaining, and cleaning portable toilets. This shall include all temporary onsite wastewater system facilities; included but not limited to: handwashing stations, holding tanks, shower trailers, restroom trailers, urinals, vault toilets and greywater.

Manufacturer License - A Manufacturer’s License is for those involved in the manufacture of onsite wastewater septic tanks, including tanks poured in place, lids and receptacles;

How Do I Obtain A License?

Go to our forms page and download the eligibility application and submit for approval to attend training and testing. Procedures are included with the application.

Where Can I Get Continuing Education?

Call the Board’s office or view the “Continuing Education” tab on this web page for a listing of all approved continuing education courses. In addition to those approved by the AOWB, courses may be taken at educational institutions in your area. Call the AOWB before attending any course not listed as an approved course for more information.

How Many Continuing Education Hours Do I Need Each Year?

Basic, pumper, manufacturer or portable restroom – or any combination of the 4 is 6 hours of continuing education annually.

Advanced Level I Installer, pumper manufacturer or portable restroom – or any combination of the 4 is 8 hours of continuing education annually.

Advanced Level II Installer, pumper, manufacturer or portable restroom – or any combination of the 4 is 10 hours of continuing education annually.

When Do I Renew My License?

The renewal season for each year begins October 1, of each year. Licenses are recommended to be renewed online, however, a renewal application can be requested by contacting our office. Renewal notices are not mailed out as they are the responsibility of the licensee. Licenses that are not renewed by January 1 of each year shall pay a late fee of $100.00 per license. Continuing education is part of the renewal process, and shall be obtained before December 31 of each year.

Can Licenses Be Shared?

NO! No person shall use or allow their license to enable anyone other than the license holder and his employees directly supervised by the license holder to perform onsite wastewater work. Licenses issued cannot be sold or transferred. Any license which is misused may be revoked by the Board.

Can You Hire Another Licensee To Perform Work For You?

Yes you can, however, that person must hold the proper license.